Future of Home Automation

what is the future of home automation?

If you went back 100 years and asked the question – what will homes by like in the future? No one would have dreamed we would have power in every room, televisions with moving pictures or devices in our pockets sending us global insights in an instant – so what will our current homes look like in the future – it may be more accessible then you think!
Smart Insulation

Heating or Cooling a home is a huge crutch in a homeowners day, getting the balance just right without excessive power bills. There are now windows with smart glass which is implemented in the manufacturing of the windows making them smarter in monitoring energy retention and loss.

These windows will make it easier and more efficient to retain heat and therefore, improve the insulation capabilities of the home. They have an embedded sensor which monitors the weather conditions outside and pass on that data to the centralised home energy management system. This allows the platform to make its own adjustments with the thermostat without you even knowing.

Less Switches, More Automation
Ever had that feeling when you just sat down but forgot to turn the light off or the fan on? Soon that feeling will be a thing off the past. Your home will be so automated you don’t even notice when the sun starts to set and the lights come on or the blinds close of an evening. It may sound luxurious but this technology already exists today and here at Grid it is one of our favourite things to implement into new or existing buildings.
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