Knowing that your family are safe and secure in their own home is a significant concern for family members.

However, with security alarms and cameras from Grid Security & Communications, you won’t have to worry any longer.

Here at Grid Security & Communications, we can install security alarms and CCTV cameras to ensure you feel safe.

Our security alarms and CCTV cameras will provide you with the comfort of knowing what’s going on around your property at any given time. With 24/7 monitoring, you can have peace of mind knowing that services will be alerted and sent straight to your home if anything goes wrong at your property.

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Security alarms will also provide the added safety and security for when you’re not at home.

Should something happen when you’re out, you will get an alert on your mobile device letting you know what’s going on.

At Grid Security & Communications, we understand the importance of security and surveillance for homes. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and exceptional customer service.

Home Security Cameras

Spy on Yourself With Home Security Cameras
Home security cameras form the first line of defence. Cameras provide real-time information and remove the anonymity associated with reactive security measures: the psychological effect of being watched is often enough to deter most opportunistic criminals. The affordability of technologically advanced security cameras makes its use almost a standard component in protecting homes and business premises.
Benefits and Features of CCTV Camera Security
It is hard to deny the benefits of installing a few security cameras around the house. Most people will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the ability to immediately check on happenings in the yard or capturing a visual record of visitors at the front gate. We have found that the following three points are the main selling arguments behind CCTV on the Gold Coast:

Visual inspection

The ability to conduct visual inspections is the apparent benefit of a camera system that comprehensively covers the entire property. Homeowners do not have to place themselves at risk to check on suspicious noises.

In fact, with a networked setup, it is not even necessary to be physically near the property to know what’s going on, which is exceptionally convenient for home and business owners while on holiday.

Smart reactions

Quality cameras are equipped with microprocessors and feed the visual information to back-end computers, which allows for the constant analysis of images. This feature makes it possible to replace traditional motion sensors with smart cameras that can intelligently differentiate between an intruding human and the family cat – minimising false alarms.

Picture comparisons are possible, meaning that the security system can spot changes in the environment, like a closed window now being open or a pot plant that was moved a half metre to the left.

Trusted evidence

The purpose of security cameras is to act as a deterrent because they cannot prevent crimes from being committed. However, cameras do provide concrete evidence regarding the perpetrator and the time of the event.

It will no longer be possible for the neighbour to deny being the culprit who has been picking your rose bushes clean.

Considerations for Security Camera Installation on the Gold Coast
The decision to install a security camera system in and around the house is the easy part of the project because it simply makes sense. The first real head-scratcher is to decide whether to do it yourself or get professionals to do a proper job. We always suggest having qualified technicians do the work, where possible, because of the following reasons:

Power and connectivity

The cameras must be powered to operate, and this requires the installation of electrical wiring, most often to points around the house where there are no convenient plugs available.

Using power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is a good option for cameras because it requires the installation of only a single cable for both the power and data connectivity. However, PoE requires special equipment and knowledge of its successful installation and best undertaken by qualified technicians.

Coverage and blind spots

It is essential that the whole area is covered by the camera’s optimal field of view. Criminals are intelligent and can quickly figure out any blind spots which will provide undetected access to a shed window or electrical distribution box.

Experienced security technicians are equipped with the know-how and tools to determine the best placement of cameras and select models with different fields of view to provide overlapping coverage at critical locations.

Proven equipment

Many makes and models of security cameras are available on the market and easily ordered from web shops. However, these components are often packaged to sell and not necessarily made to last.

Each professional security consultant has their own preferences of brands. However, for the client, the benefit is that the components have been thoroughly tested to work in demanding environments, optical resolution exceeds the minimum necessary for facial recognition and other important details.

The IP-rating of the equipment must be accurate, which ensures continued operation in all weather conditions.

We offer a consultation service on DIY purchases, making sure that our clients purchase the correct components for the job.
  • We source all components and parts locally from reputable suppliers and manufacturers. Our clients are guaranteed genuine, branded products backed by a 12-month local warranty.
  • We undertake complete home and business networking assessments, including Wi-Fi. The network is the backbone of a good security installation, and it must also be secured against hackers, especially Wi-Fi access. It is common for criminals to attempt accessing security cameras through the Wi-Fi network, especially because we all love to extend the coverage well into our gardens and around the pool area.
  • We supply and install state of the art intercom systems, either as standalone units or integrated with the surveillance cameras for the real-time recording of both picture and sound. Cameras at the access point to the home or workshop are great. However, they are also somewhat useless if it is impossible to communicate with anybody requesting access, especially during the small hours of the night.
  • We can fully integrate our home security systems into your existing home automation systems, or it can be used as the foundation for a new installation using the secure Wi-Fi network we installed for the cameras.
Are you worried that something may happen to you when no one is around?

With your medical alarm and pendant, you can have peace of mind knowing that medical professionals are only a push of a button away if an accident happens.

Here at Grid Security & Communications, we sell the LiveLife Mobile Alarm, which you can take anywhere, and help is only a press of a button away.

This pendant that you wear around your neck uses the full Telstra mobile network so you can call up to six of your emergency contacts as well as a built-in GPS. Another great benefit of the medical alarm is that it sends up to six help messages showing where you are on Google Maps.

However, the best thing about the medical alarm is that it talks to you.
The most crucial part of getting new home security on the Gold Coast is to make sure you understand precisely what it can do for you and your family. To help provide as much up-front clarity as possible, we’ve put together a few key points for you to consider:

Uses the Telstra mobile network

Calls up to six friends or family members (and 000) until someone answers

Hands-free two-way voice communication

Automatic fall detection

Not sure what you need?

Grid Security & Communications sells and installs trusted home and commercial security systems on the Gold Coast

We provide our clients with extensive advice and after-sales support to ensure that you derive the best results from our range of wireless security cameras, intercom systems, medical pendants and emergency alarms, and home automation products.

Contact us if you require more information on CCTV cameras and security systems on the Gold Coast.

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