Are DIY Cameras dangerous?

Dangers of DIY Cameras

There is a growing trend in do-it-yourself security camera options as they become more accessible and affordable to the general public. However there are risks associated which can leave you spending your money without achieving the goal of a safe & secure home. Read on to discover the dangers and flaws of the DIY home security cameras.
DIY security systems are generally poor quality unless you are paying high prices. This goes for most aspects from the picture quality to the physical robustness. Extreme weather or even mild weather over long periods will eventually cause enough wear-and-tear to leave these cameras vulnerable. This can become more expensive in the long run if you’re continuously replacing the system. Another issue with a lot of these products is they are ‘stick on’ wi-fi products as opposed to being hardwired into your home or business. This leaves them easily accessible to vandals simply removing or destroying the cameras which again is the complete opposite of the secure environment you are trying to create.

When you buy DIY security camera equipment, not only is the installation of the cameras your responsibility but so is any troubleshooting when the system encounters a problem. The installation may be quite straight forward and easy but a lot of the times technical issues can arise that are more complex to diagnose and fix.

Without professional service, your home security camera system will be down longer leaving your home or business at risk.


We are seeing more and more movement by hackers that are looking to burglarise a house or property being able to access wrongly installed products. They can be highly skilled at Wi-Fi-based security and detection and are able to quite easily hack into your security camera system.

All it takes is one technical glitch to let a thief gain entry to your home undetected – which is scary stuff! Having security cameras installed by professionals gives you peace of mind that you are fully protected.

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